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Hollywood 4-5-92 lyrics

Rating: 4.62
Song Details
Artist(s)American Music Club

My revenge against the world
is to believe everything you say
Balance as you are on a pile of empty bottles
And even when the world has taken
all your defenses away
There¡¯s no way that you can be true
I¡¯ll believe you
Don¡¯t you get sick of party favors
That start with a whimper and end with a whisper
And even when every single one of your gestures is a lie
To me, you always ring true
I¡¯ll believe you
The first time the cops came
they were like brand new friends
The second time they came they were a little concerned
They said, ¡°We know all about you
You¡¯re like moths to a flame.¡±
Yeah we speak too much and none of it¡¯s ever true
What happens to the rat that stops running the maze
The doctors think it¡¯s dumb when it¡¯s just disappointed
I meant it when I said that I would never see you again But no matter how dumb I get
there¡¯s one thing I¡¯ll always do
I¡¯ll believe you

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