Astray lyrics

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Album(s)Progidal Sun

Cleansing my soul in temples of light
reborn with God's love, delivered form the night
given a second chance with a new life in sight
and after a day there's always the night
Astray-souls astray
Travelling through this life
to attain the unknown goal
the quest for putting an end to the strife
that binds one to one's toll
altering adjusting the ways
to find the golden path
attempting to master the maze
mitigating the inevitable aftermath
Roaming between the religions
between different ways of thought
seeking for the meaning of life
and what we're living for
without capacity to solve the riddle
we wonder 'til we are no more
Outstanding the sins of the past
leaving them all behind
looking younder at what's ahead
hiding the dark thoughts
in the haze of your mind
following guides and signs
utilizing the different charts
studying the sciencies
desiring to master the art
Seeking for the answers untold
collecting knowledge to foresee what'll be
after this death... shall it all unfold?
after this life... is there nothing but eternity?

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