Entering the After- Age lyrics

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Album(s)Caede Tepebat Humus

Why aint there fear in me
I do have my own believe
When I thouch, I get touched
So what, he'll stand by me
...at his feet I flee
and Death - and terror
cold dreath - in horror
fear - surrounds the eternal soul
Hate is now within my bones
...mind explodes
Opponent of God
in wicked wars...
I bend over the Wall of Wisdom
there a name resounded from
the bottom of the endless dephts
there he was, Lupus, My wolf and friend
Now woe betide the man
who tries to bring me and Lupus down
...Intermerre Aliquem Gladio
Now winter turns every colourfull flower
into broken glass
We croun the hymn of life
for it shall never return
Draw a night while smelling the Arrival
dream a flight while thou cry for demise
..."We will rise again!"...
Nemori cultrix come to me
for daylight is closing in
Affecare immortalitatem
Nymfaeum, I call upon thee
bring the mysta by my side
Nocticula set the dark forever free
We shall dislodge the light
and let the darkness rule again
Evil provides Evil
In eternity it shall arise
I feel the earth is trembling
underneeth, my fragile bare feet
I hear the thunder rumbling
A thrilling storn approches to me
I watch how it destroys all life
in pagan ways they die
black clouds are extending
the Trinity complete
Rising moon rule upon this kingdom
for it will rule every other wisdom
summer bows it's head
for the tearing winds of autumn
and in it's footsteps follows the wintereve
in red swirreling skies
all thee art free
"we shall arise!"
Armageddon art thou with me
bring thy demise
and let the snatching waves deep underneeth
and then again come down in thy destructive wise
"Eternal death to all!"
(Written by Erk)

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