Patricida lyrics

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Album(s)Caede Tepebat Humus

'Oh holy lord, My father'
It all disgusts me
I reject this promise
I reject this name
Curse away thy performance
I filled my spirit with hate
From the damned I shall rise
To start the hunt-eternal
Approaching is thy demise
I will appear to thee infernal
Ahhh master, give me my sins!
Let our will be embraced
By death's cold heart he will freeze
And then his soul 'll melt in haste
A gothic muse bawled my name
She gave me strenght and took my fears
Darkened wolves hawled in tame
They had drenched me with lonely tears
Thy apostles I will destroy
From the Calix I drink this blood (with the pride of victory)
This son Jezus is my childish toy
The paradise is ours, thy name now forget
Forever we will rule this kingdom
And we will be embraced by death
Eternally we will cry our freedom
Bound by spells, at last the son has set
Never again shall such come among us
But the comet of a far black galaxy
Dusting the land with everdarkness
Killing evil dust, enter me.
-Detroy and abandon all my weakness-
'Oh holy lord, my father…'
…Never Again!…
No more false promises
Never hear thy name again
A curse has driven thy performance
All have lost, their faith
From the damned I have risen
The hunt-eternal at its end
Not one action forgiven
Now his head down, actions repeat
Ahh master, at last we have won
At last our will is embraced
By death's cold haert I have come
Not one drop of blood is wasted
The gothic muse heaved a cry of pain
Of not heaving me near
All darkened wolves obey
I feel them drying my lonely tears
Thy apostels now all destroyed
The bloodcalixhas been emptied
'hear me regnatrix of the night…
take my paradise! Evil has now been freed'
- Rule! Satanic cruelty! -
(Written by Erk)

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