ZAUVIJEK MOJA (I will reach out for you) lyrics

Rating: 3.16
Song Details
Artist(s)No Name
Album(s)Eurovision 2005

Serbia & Montenegro


Tamo, ljubavi, gdje zvone zvona
ti ces zauv'jek bit' samo moja,
tamo gdje i r'jeka ljubi more
do zore

Tamo visoko za brda ona,
tamo gdje je stara kuca moja,
tamo cu sa tobom, zeljo moja

Ti si mi dusu ranila,
ljepotom me opila.

---- translated in English:

"I Will Reach out for You"

I'll reach out for you
across the Rocky Mountains,
take you to my old stone house
and the sound of bells
will rise above us
and will meet the sky.
They'll never die.

And the sun will shed its golden fire,
and the sea will become an endless pyre,
and the mighty voice of angels' choir
will be blessing you and me,

As the time will pass
I will love you more -
the one I'll be living for.

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