A Giant Step lyrics

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Artist(s)Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack
Album(s)Bye Bye Birdie

(From TV Special)

I took a giant step!
I'm mighty proud of me.
Today, I am the man
I had to be.
Those apron strings at last are cut.
It's like I grew some wings
And flew out of my Oedipal rut.
I leaped a giant leap!
I made the winning play.
It ain't July, but hey,
It's Independence Day!
No more "Sonny Boy",
It's "Mister Albert P."
I took a giant step,
A self reliant step,
A brave defiant step and I'm free!
I climbed a giant peak,
A daring thing to do.
I'm way up high, oh Rosie,
What a view!
I see the future and it's bright.
It's no more "Mama anything you say"
From morning till night.
I took a giant step!
A wimpy kid no more,
You never saw a turnaround like this before.
It's just one small step for mankind.
But for me,
It was a forceful step, a most resourceful step,
A bold and brassy step,
A sassy, classy step,
A self reliant step,
A brave defiant step.
I took a giant step
And I'm free.

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