Too $hort F Lil' Kim---Call Me lyrics

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Artist(s)Booty Call soundtrack
Album(s)Booty Call

[KIM:] Hello?
[SHORT:] It's Too Short baby wassup
[KIM:] hhmmm mmmm, you tell me
[SHORT:] Shit, i'm comin out that way tonight, i'm tryin ta get with you
[KIM:] Oh, really?
[SHORT:] Wassup, yeah
[KIM:] You know i waited a long time for this
[SHORT:] Well look, as soon as i get there i'ma call you aight?
[KIM:] Bring me what i need?
[SHORT:] yeah (call me, just call me)

when you need some one to talk to, someone to fuck you (call me)
satisfaction guaranteed, (just call me) i'll give you what you need (X2)

My plane touches down at eleven forty-five
I'm comin thru, want you bout to show you why
i got the game from the pimps and players
you goin feel me, baby when i get there
I'm a give you what you want so i could get what i need
we could get hella freaky while we smoke some weed
We don't need champagne, fuck the gin and juice
these nigga's know what Short Dawg and Lil' Kim can do
imagination is a understatement
anything you can think of we could make it
big money hit records
watch us get reckless
we butt-naked, we never sexless
And when i get there, you know it's time to fuck
cuz all night long ain't long enough ta come up
it's just us
ya wanna know sumthin it's a big dick tight pussy thang
make us both cum


Everybody know the Queen gettin down and dirty
drive you crazy like a 730
it ain't a secret
rumors they could keep it
You know there's only one ghetto Queen with a guillotine
real bitch that carry gats by the spleen
Na mean?
Some bitch is on the other line, answer that
if it's a booty call cancel that
you want pure satisfaction i'ma handle that
all i need is a candle and the porno channel
lubricate the top, now i'm startin to sweat
peel my Gucci sheets back so they don't get wet
now check it
Adjust ya phone volume Lil' Kim is shore ta bring the nuts out ya
imagine me suckin blood out ya
like a hickey, i love the phone quickie
i slip myself a mickey, now thats the proper set off
You could reach out and touch ME MCI style
Kim and Short fuckin Cali bed sty style
Tell me what you want, i'll tell you what i need
You could fuck me til i bleed
Oh Short i'm bout ta OG
(and i like it)


[SHORT:] You say it's cool ta fuck baby jes open up
[KIM:] Well since you showed up what's the hold up?
[SHORT:] The blunts ain't rolled up,
let's mix sex with the weed smell
[KIM:] then ride me nigga like you do them V-12's
I'll be yo SLK and you can drop my top
[SHORT:] And i'll be all up in the cock from midnight to six o'clock
The way you suck dick you off the heez-ay
[KIM:] Get off yer kneez-ay, they say you are what you eat baby
[SHORT:] This ain't no 69 it's more like a 138, everytime we have sex it's
like watchin dirty tapes, yer my personal, private porno star
ya wanna see us fuck buy the tape at the corner store
Queen Bee gettin stung by Too Sheezee
I'm smokin indo, buzzin with the breezee
I'll teach you all about the nigga's from the O-A-K
we take the money and the pussy cuz we sho' don't play
(And i like it)


[KIM:] HhmmmM
[SHORT:] And I'm lovin it
[KIM:] HOw much?
[SHORT:] How much?
[KIM:] yeah
[SHORT:] It's like this every time
[KIM:] I know your good
[SHORT:] my your....
[KIM:] is that what you wanna talk about
[SHORT:] some of this gonna make it on to the record
[KIM:] talk to me

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