Chip Banks F One Eye, Tha Outlawz---Stand For Some lyrics

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Artist(s)Black And White soundtrack lyrics soundtrack
Album(s)Black And White soundtrack lyrics

Yeah, Outlawin it
Fuckas aint ready for this
Thug Life, like that
Where you at? Fuck y'all

[Young Noble]
It ain't nuthin but a thug thing
Let my nuts hang to the floor, oh no
Please Young No', let 'em go
I wan't mo'
Go to the game in befo'
Lettin 'em know, exactly the way the game go
But it ain't No', shame in my game bitch, they know
I'm flat broke, ran up in the session of an echo
Now I'm trouble with the metal, had a score to settle
Now it's me against the world, Young Outlaw rebel
Mouthin off, what I tell you don't do that shit
Give a fuck about ya fifth, I chew through that shit
Do that shit, Outlawz comin equipped
Spit ya rhyme now nigga, with a gun on ya lip
Watch this
Rhyme now nigga, spit ya rhyme now with a gun on ya lip
Watch this, eat a dick, bitch

I'm a heartless, dark nigga from out the darkness
Thugged out better hand, ready to spark this
Off the meter, going to my nine millimeter
This Napolean, Outlaw, should be strong, willin to fly see
Nothin me to fuck ya hood, gum bleed ain't nuthin to me
Pussy eater, or am I a thug eater
Punk beater, I show you that these slugs will they deal ya
Hard be out crowd will make em the squad
Probaly burn the shit apart, Napolean, Mr. Bonaparte
The part of war you can call art
And Jersey is a bitch reign, a cat to use a fuckin bark
You faggot ass low heart ass nigga

Chorus: Tha Outlawz

Stand for something, don't fall for nothin
Takin everythin a nigga want it all or nuthin
So yo button your lip just for frontin y'all get,
Hit with every last bullet up in the clip

Stand for something, don't fall for nothin
Takin everythin a nigga want it all or nuthin
Jumpin for the hell of it, bluffin will never get a nigga rich
So yo come with some better shit

[One Eye]
Life, bright lights and guns
Gritty nights in the slum, pretty right for bum
Some pain become sunshine, but when it rain I'm on the frontline
Slangin dimes, bangin that one time
I've done mine, one frime after the other one
Massacre, clap wit ya, scatter and smother 'em
You run for cover, my caliber is like the size of crumb
Another dumb nigga thinkin they come?
That's foul, they got you thinkin you too wild to be hung
Seekin, to be broke and when the heat soakin
Moapin, open ya throat nigga keep chokin

[Chip Banks]
Ay yo One Eye,
Ya got Banky out here on the west
Cream Teamin it with no vest but two techs
Can't trust 'em fuck 'em, might as well buck 'em
Leave 'em layin there leakin, the coroner 'a touch 'em
Y'all niggas better watch what you say in your raps
Better yet, who you aimin it at
Cuz I'mma wanna know, where ya knuckle games at
Cream Team a number one, holdin down my spot
Ya corn balls got me feelin just like pop
Bout to run all ya coward niggas outta hip hop
When it come to Chip Banks, niggas don't know
Whether to call me Banky Baby or Nino
It's the Cream Team Senator/Governor
Thug out a pretty sluggin ya, too much for ya
While ya hidin for me, I'm fuckin ya baby mother

Chorus 2X

Ya niggas better keep ya fuckin shit tight
Come with some better shit, word up
Chip Banks, done birth
Fuckin world up
Strife doin nigga, Cream Team
Where my Harlem niggas at?
East side, East
West Coast, word up word up
Out there, for all ya
Word up
Fuckin word nigga
Told ya niggas it's comin

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