Puck Natty Amen---Just Wanna Be Your Friend lyrics

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You must listen, hey turn up the FREAKqualizer,
you must not close your mind, no,
Don't close your mind,
See this attitude of yours has got to go,
I just want to be your friend.
This heavy situation that you bring in my direction,
It puts a damper on my affection.
I like the taste, the sway of your waist.
I like the woo, the pull and the pace
But girl, I wanna just be your friend.
When you dance around me like you do,
You bring a good feeling
So I thump it till I'm blue just like this.
But what I get when I slide-a my wrist,
You know you're not gonna get it when you get like this,
So don't you, don't you, don't you mess with my big boom thing cuz
I just want to be, just want to be your friend.
I'd like to be your friend now
I just wanna be your friend now
Now you're hanging at my house with paint on your face
And a real tight blouse.
It's not time for the G-friend and I must admit to you
I'm so horny.
So don't you sit there just to sit across from me,
Miss, I can't even understand the icky, tricky ways you're moving on me.
Boom! slide a little booty in my room,
Singing when we do it and you're always in tune.
I'll make a bet by the goddess moon,
You can stand on your own two feet and still not get them wet.
Yeah, you know what I'm saying?
I just want to be your friend.
I'd like to be your friend now
I'd like to be your friend now
I like to hang out with you, um,
We could ride around on my motorcycle.
It's blue, it's cool.
I'll help you pick out the tattoos that you wear on your wrist,
Or we can drink cappuccinos,
Just a couple of friends'll be there, don't start pulling hair.
It gets crowded here, the three of us, let's see...
There's you and me and then there's your funky vibe.
I'm not your patron saint
I'm just a brave of the tribe.
Respectfully, I say to you I can't abide,
But my arms are open wide,
And to my friends, I've never lied.
Inside of me, give it up, let's see.
Let there be peace full of harmony, it's not shallow.
It's a natural release, ya know.
Say I'm a child, I don't care, let's play.
Talking about tomorrow always messes with today.
So let it go that way.
I'd like to be your friend now
I'd like to be your friend now
I just wanna be your friend
I want to be your friend now
Puck and Natty kick the hip-hop and swing, see;
Nobody touch us when we're doing our thing,
Now would ya, spend your life aridity stuck in the kitchen,
Doing the dishes and you cook rice and chicken
Mama make a honey sign with a bumble bee sting,
I gotta wiki in the rhythm not wearing a ring so!
Slipidy slip a hippie trip in the butter.
I think friends should have one another,
Itsy mama coma hip hop and swing, right!
A ruba duba a ruba duba duba
A ruba duba (whack, whack)
Wanna wanna be your friend
Definitely, so
Wanna wanna be your friend........

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