After 7---Not Enough Hours In The Night lyrics

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I got so much I want to say
I got so much I want to do
there never seems to be enough
time to be with you, so let me
hold you in my arm and when the
moment here and gone I'll be
missing you. It's not fair when
the morning come and the night
must fade, ooh I can't wait to
hold you again cause there just


Not enough hours in the night
( to hold you), not enough hours
in these arms, to show you, the love
I feel inside, there just not enough
time to love you.
not enough, not enough

verse 2

I want to hold you in my arms
I want to look into your eyes
I want to spend the rest of
time making love with you, oooh,baby
I love so much, no time would ever be
enough to be close to you, it's
not right when the moon light fade
and the kisses end, ooh, I can't
wait to kiss you again (yeah)


not enough hours in the night
(to hold you), not enough hours
in these arms (to show you), the
love I feel inside there just not
enough time, (ah), not enough minutes
in a day (not enough to tell you that I
love you), not enough time to do the things
(the things I want to do, yeah), not enough
hours in the night, to love

If I can stop the clock every kiss
would last forever, if I can spend for-
ever here by your side, still wouldn't
be no enough time for you and I, no,no

Repeat Chorus

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