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Maureen McGovern---Little Black Rain Cloud Skies lyrics

Rating: 3.32
Song Details
Artist(s)Winnie the Pooh: Take My Hand soundtrack
Album(s)Winnie the Pooh: Take My Hand

Thanks to Julia James for submitting
the lyrics

I'm just a little black rain cloud
Hovering under your honey tree
I'm only a little black rain cloud
Pay no attention to little me
Everyone knows that a rain cloud
Never eats honey, no, not a nip
I'm just floating around
Over the ground
Wonderin' where I will drip
Sunny skies sleeps in the mornin'
He doesn't know when to rise
He closes his wary eyes upon the day
Look at him yawnin'
Throwin' his mornin' hours away

He know how to ease down slowly
Everything is fine in the end
And you will be pleased to know
That sunny skies hasn't a friend

Sunny skies weeps in the evenin'
It doesn't much matter why
I guess he just has to cry from time to time
Everyone's leavin'
And sunny skies has to stay behind

Reply Chorus once

Sunny skies sleeps in the mornin'
he doesn't know when to rise
he closes his weary eyes upon the day
And throws it all away
Lookin' at the snow and trees
That grow outside my window
Lookin' at the things that pass my by
Wonderin' if where I've been is worth the things
I've been through
Endin' with a friend named sunny skies

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