Randy Crenshaw---The Perfect Place To Hide lyrics

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Artist(s)Winnie the Pooh: Take My Hand soundtrack
Album(s)Winnie the Pooh: Take My Hand

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How do you suppose
A Woozle always know how to find
The perfect place to hide?
Is he behind a tree?
Is he lookin' at me as I try?
To find out where he might be?
The perfect place to hide
Woozles can have many legs
It's hard to count how many friends
One thing we know they sure can sneak
If we could only catch one peek

Not so much a glimpse
Not now or ever since when we tried
That Woozle sure is sly
The mystery has begun
But with my friends it's fun just to try
To find out where they might be
The perfect place to hide

We just like the wondering
The pondering and wandering
There's one I think behind that tree
Or just a clue could this one be

Can't find hide nor hair
But we don't really care, it's all right
I wonder where he might be
The perfect place to hide

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