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Randy Crenshaw---Owl's Song lyrics

Rating: 2.87
Song Details
Artist(s)Winnie the Pooh: Take My Hand soundtrack
Album(s)Winnie the Pooh: Take My Hand

Thanks to Julia James for submitting
the lyrics

I said who?
Who are you?
Who's sneaking around?
I haven't a clue
I said who?
Who are you?
I'm much too tired to play peekaboo
I was up all night
It's the way of an owl
I heard the night birds tweet
And the lions growl
I was busy being wise
Now I need some sleep
Who's that trying to slink and creep?

Repeat Chorus once

Yeah, who would be out
This time of the day?
Tigger would make much more noise when he plays
Whoever it is, stay away from my tree
If I wasn't so sleepy,
I'm sure I would see

Repeat Chorus once

Oh, who, who, who can it be?
Who's hangin' 'round my favorite tree
Could it be Eeyore?
No, siree!
Could it be Pooh?
Well, maybe

Repeat Chorus twice

I'm much too tired to play peekaboo

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