Bif Naked---Chotee lyrics

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Artist(s)Anywhere But Here soundtrack
Album(s)Anywhere But Here

I was just outa high school in my first band¡­
I married my drummer. our love was grand.
I thought it was forever - 'til death do us part.
then he cheated on me and he broke my heart.


so young, so confused. what was I to do?
I'm so sorry, chotee, but I couldn't keep you.
I hope you can forgive me¡­
my baby, chotee, forgive me¡­

me and him were fighting on the road for two years.
he never loved me anyway. still brings me to tears.


he didn't really want you ¨C 'cause he didn't want me.
didn't wanna be a husband, didn't wanna be a daddy.
I hope you can forgive me¡­
my baby chotee, forgive me¡­

(sai ram¡­)

so long, my baby.

bif: [pointing to her dog] este es senor nick.

nick: como esta usted?

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