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Balcony Scene lyrics

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Artist(s)West Side Story soundtrack lyrics soundtrack
Album(s)West Side Story soundtrack lyrics

A Back Alley - 11:00 p.m.

(Maria appears at the window above him which
opens onto the escape.)

TONY: Maria, Maria...


TONY: Maria!

MARIA: Quiet!

TONY: Come down!


TONY: Maria...

MARIA: Please if Bernardo!

TONY: He's at the dance. Come down!

MARIA: He will soon bring Anita home!

TONY: Just for a minute...

MARIA(smiles): A minute is not enough

TONY(smiles): For an hour then...

MARIA: I cannot!

TONY: For ever!


TONY: Then I'm coming up

WOMAN'S VOICE(from the offstage apartment): Maria!

MARIA: Momentito, Mama...

TONY (climbing up): Maria, Maria...

MARIA: Caladito! (reaching her hand out to stop him) Ssh!
TONY (grabbing her hand): Ssh!

MARIA: It is dangerous.

TONY: I'm not "one of them".

MARIA: You are; but to me, you are not. Just as I
am one of them... (gestures inside)

TONY: To me, you are all the... (She covers his
mouth with her hand.)

MAN'S VOICE (from the unseen apartment):

MARIA: Si, ya vengo, Papa!

TONY: Maruca?

MARIA: His pet name for me.

TONY: I like him. He will like me.

MARIA: No. He is like Bernardo: afraid. Imagine
being afraid of you!

TONY: You see?

MARIA (touching his face): I see you.

TONY: See only me.

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