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Black Lab---Black Eye lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Varsity Blues soundtrack
Album(s)Varsity Blues

Jane can't keep herself home tonight
Keep herself believing she'll be alright
Keep herself awake to a body that's close to the hands
And the feet that nobody else knows
All the way from London
She looks away laughing at herself and her black eye shade
Boy can't keep his pain under the glass
Laughing at the world as it just slides past
I know this black eye waste these days waste this light
I know this black eye waste these days waste this sunlight
Maybe permission ain't good enough
Maybe you need someone who can stand your love
Maybe somebody who's cool to the touch
So much I know
This black eye waste these days waste this spotlight
Let me crucify you
Let me sacrifice our love
Let me resurrect you
Be my resurrection now
Let me celebrate you
Let me hold your head up high
Let me hang you from the sky

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