C-Murder Trick Daddy---Watch The Police lyrics

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Artist(s)Training Day soundtrack
Album(s)Training Day

T-R-U ya heard me
Your daddy dollars y'all huh
C-Murda, Trick Daddy, No Limit, Slip 'N Slide
Whatever, uh huh, watch em.

Watch the police when I'm rolling through the projects
My pants sag so I'm labeled as a suspect
Who be the boys in blue, the authority
To arrest me cause I live in a minority
Check yo self player, cause I ain't the one
You look plain, and kinda lame without your badge and a gun
You been harassing me, since I was a teenager
But now I got a rolly with a Benz and a pager
They pull me over and searching my car
So you looking for the product, but could it be narcotic
But just because I'm from The CP3
I gotta watch the police because they scared of me

Watch the police, coming straight from the underground
Watch the police, Murder got it bad cause I'm brown
Watch the police, if you a teenager (Watch, watch)
Watch the police, nigga, better goal, and a pager

[Trick Daddy]
I'ma teach they motherfucker ass bout playing with me
I'ma take they ass on one
Thug Life, for them niggas in the County Jail, State Pens, and Feds Nigga
I'm tired of the motherfucking popo
That keep sweating a nigga sitting all in the dope hole
Flashing the light in the dark, and for what?
Is it cause the trumpet make so much thought
See I'm the Dirty Dollar, and ho they call me Mr. Styles
You could lock me up, but I'll make Beau regardless
You wanna know have I ever been arrested?
Mr. Mean the felony of domestic
So I confessed it, damn right you guessed it
Did time for working, but I ain't seen the Brick City
I don't fuck with niggas who I don't know
I'm getting money, getting blunted
Nigga now watch the popo


Watch the police
In my hood, they'll pull you over
And put dope on you and bring you to jail
Make it 24 year
They catch you with 70 K, they gone keep you
C you, tell em what's hell

I'm tired of the jacking and harassing
Every time I see a badge it make me wanna blast
I'm C with the criminal behavior
I'm a gangsta with paper, and plus I got flavor
My identity by itself causes violence
I catch them without they badge and gun
And then they silent (Shh) [Get out of the car]
It don't matter if you smaller or bigger [You're under arrest]
When a sucka in a uniform run up on a treat nigga
Shining that light in my face and for what?
Maybe it's because I kick so much butt
And I can't be touched
That's why I laugh when I get away (Car peeling out)
But to my homie, this is what I say


Around my neighborhood
They just be hacking you up for no reason
Just asking y'all all kind of questions
Putting the light all in your face
Man, what's wrong with them
Man, that's why we gotta watch em


You're gonna die (3X)

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