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There's a way to say "hello"
That all the cowboys know
A phrase that even city folks can say
Well ya just say "Hey," then "Howdy"
And then say "Hey" again
Yep, that's the way we say "Hey Howdy Hey!"

Sing along with me, now one, two, three
Hey Howdy Hey!
Yell it nice and loud and tall and proud
Hey Howdy Hey!

Well you could say "Howdy pardner," it that's yer cowboy style
But when you say "Hey howdy hey!" you'll always get a smile

So greetch yer kin with a big old grin an'
"Hey Howdy Hey!"
Jest say hello ta ev'ryone you know with
"Hey Howdy Hey!"

You c'n betch yer last plug nickel that you'll have a sunny day
When ya simply smile and say "Hey Howdy Hey!"

Ev'ry old cowpoke and his old cowfolk say
"Hey Howdy Hey!"
And ev'ry buffalo gal in the old corral say
"Hey Howdy Hey!" ("You've got it!")
Ev'ry rough and rootin' rider, with his rugged rawhide reins
And ev'ry friendly farmer above the fruited plains

Now say it like ya saw a snake! ("Whoa!")
"Hey Howdy Hey!"
And now say it like it's choc'late cake!
"Hey Howdy Hey!"

You c'n betch yer spurs'n saddle, that things'll go yer way
When ya simply smile and wave and laugh 'n
jump up 'n down 'n turn around 'n Jimmy Crack
Corn 'n skip to m' lou 'm kiss yer mom 'n brush
yer teeth 'n make a face and holy smoke 'n
saaaaaaaaaaaaaaay "Hey Howdy Hey!!"


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