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Artist(s)Titanic Movie (other tracks) soundtrack
Album(s)Titanic Movie (other tracks)

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7000 Heads of fresh lettuce, Titanic!

Morning, Mr. Lightholler
Morning, Mr. Pitman
Morning Mr. Boxhall
Morning, Captain Smith!
Morning Captain!
Morning Captain!

36,000 oranges Titanic!

Morning, Mr. Hitchens
Morning Mr. Pitman
Morning Mr. Murdoch
Morning, Captain Smith
Morning Murdoch...
Morning, Captain!

Mr. Pitman, Please
Complete the loading of the freight
And prepare for the boarding of the
serving staff and crew!
Aye Captain!

There she is...Towering High!
Broad and Grand! Ship of Dreams!

Morning Mr. Andrews
Hello Mr. Ismay
Morning Mr. Etches
Hello Mr. Pitman
Morning Mr. Whitely

42,000 fresh eggs Titanic!

Sailing Day! Morning Bright!
Take your flight ship of dreams!

Morning Mr. Crawford
Hello Mrs. Hutchinson
Morning, Mrs. Robinson
Hello, Mrs. Beecham
Morning, Mr. Weikman!

122,000 pounds of meat, poultry and fish Titanic!
40 tons of potatoes, 1100 pounds of
marmalade, 37,000 bottles of wine,
beer and spirits, Titanic!
55,000 china dishes and 20,000
crystal drinking glasses, Titanic!
One Renault town carriage motorcar,

Soon to be underway..
Size and speed unexplored...

Morning Mr. Widgery
Hello Mr. Oliver
Morning Mr. Hartley
Hello Mr. Joughin
Cheers! Mr. Weikman

And I'll be aboard that ship of dreams!

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