The Upper Promenade lyrics

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Artist(s)Titanic Movie (other tracks) soundtrack
Album(s)Titanic Movie (other tracks)

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the lyrics


Yes, Mr. Andrews.

I'm sure it hasn't escaped your notice, Sir
but there are in excess of 2200 souls aboard this ship...

I am well aware of that!

But space for less than a thousand in the lifeboats...

I didn't design this ship Mr. Andrews!

And I didn't instruct the management on the number of boats.

Evidently 20 boats were enough to satisfy
the line! But how many would we need to
save everyone on board?

54. But the line thought that anything more
than 20 would take away too much deck
space from first class. And that means that
well over half of us are going to die
in approximately 90 minutes ...

Not if a ship arrives!

Do you know of one?

I'm just on my way to find out!

Captain all first and second class passengers are
proceeding to the boat decks as ordered!
The 3rd class have been assembled below
on the well deck awaiting further instructions

Captain, I don't think the passengers and
crew fully comprehend their predicament
yet. You will have to tell them!

Tell them what Mr. Andrews?
That more than 1200 of them are going to be dead!
I think not sir! There would be general panic.
They would kill each other in order to survive.

Awaiting instructions Captain...

I want you and Mr. Murdoch up top in
charge of loading the boats

But the 3rd class passengers Sir. They are all down below...

That's not your concern, Mr. Lightholler.
Carry on!

Yes, Sir.

Are you taking it upon yourself to decide who lives and dies?
I remind you that while you are the Captain, you were not hired to play God!

Well then let it be God who decides!

Well it seems that God is already leaning toward the first class!
They are closest to the lifeboats!

Then perhaps - he'll even the score by sending us a ship!

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