The Radio Room lyrics

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Artist(s)Titanic Movie (other tracks) soundtrack
Album(s)Titanic Movie (other tracks)

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CQD! CQD! Titanic! CQD! Situation
critical! Repeat situation critical!

Radioman have you reached any..

Can't you see I'm busy!
Go bother the captain!

This is the Captain!

Sorry Sir!

Sit down Mr. ..

Bride Sir. With the Marconi
international marine radio telegraphy...

Yes, yes! Sit down...

Sorry Sir!

And continue..

Yes sir!

Now have you reached any ships in
the immediate vicinity Mr. Bride?

6 or 7 sir! The closest seems to be
Carpathia- that's the Cunard line..

Yes I know Carpathia, Mr. Bride...

They acknowledged our CQD at 11:58pm
saying they turned and are coming hard...

How far is she?

58 miles...

That's more than four hours away!

Carpathia can't be the only ship in
the vicinity Mr. Bride!

There was one other sir..
The Kalifornia. Her signal was
much stronger than the others.
I put her within 10 miles but since the accident - she hasn't responded..

Why not??

I don't know sir...

EJ- You've got to do something!

What would you suggest Mr. Ismay?

We need another ship here immediately!

I'm afraid the nearest one to
respond is four hours away.

Four hours! We'll be on the bottom by then!

What about the Kalifornia Mr. Bride?
You said that she might be close by...

I'm sure she is Sir. But still no response...

You must demand a response...

The smaller ships only carry one radio man Sir.
He must have signed off and gone to bed...

Well keep trying for God's sake!

There's a new distress call- SOS.
It's hardly ever been used but
it's easier to read than the CQD
and I thought perhaps if I tried...

Try anything you like Mr. Bride!
You must rouse that ship!!

Yes Sir! Titanic - SOS.
Situation critical!
Come in Kalifornia!
Where are you old man?!
Why the hell don't you answer?!

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