Me Phi Me One---Herewecome lyrics

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Artist(s)Strange Days soundtrack
Album(s)Strange Days

Here is the plan to command urban cities
You took me from Africa, said that's the way to fix me
But I want my retribution, revolution is with me
I got my fucking gat, ain't whizzling no Dixie
Like baba-do-ba baba-do-ba baba-do-ba
To my ancestors you'll bow, I want my freedom now
And I ain't doin' no talking, I'm stalking today
You don't keep your peace treaties anyway...

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Now how many eyes and teeth you think I lost, tell the truth
Maroon! feeds the hypeness in my psyche tonight
I watch the whites full delight from my second class life
But a land without the first class the second class is right
So I'm eliminating those that think they wanna fight, you might
Should I heed for capital crimes, they'll read 'em
Verdict: Death! Sentence: Freedom!

Death to me - Here we diddy come come
If it'll make me free - Here we diddy come come

Yeah, bring it on, death's about to grow from the seeds you sown
You fertilized it with poverty, you watered it with dope
And harvested it by the guns that betrayed my hope
But scopes came with them guns, now what do I see?
You and your family looking scared of me, you plead mercy
But non-violence has only got me half-way to where I want to be
Now my vengeance will make me free...

So don't call me Martin Luther King in my face
His dream's no reality, fatality's the case
You took away my dignity, I forgot about who I was
But I never had a dream 'cause...
Life is something that I think we can no longer share life is a nightmare
Death is something I don't fear
America's been my boogieman for 400 years!

Death to me - Here we diddy come come
If it'll make me free - Here we diddy come come

I'll ride the pale horse, to you my name is Death
Hell is with me, of course, now it's forced
I'm the messenger of spawns to come, go warn your son
You've battered splattered brains where I run the verdict
Like you he was guilty, I find you wretched and weak
Your evil seeds are filthy, but still we got to go through the motions
I accuse thee of being like a devil in the first degree, let's see...

Did you steal the land that you're on?
And is my red brother nearly gone?
Took my ancestors from their home
Build your fucking nation on their bones
Atomic rain on the yellow man
Poisoning the air and the land
Narcotics and disease from your hand
Now I can't see nor understand

Death to me - Here we diddy come come
If it'll make me free - Here we diddy come come

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