Shut Up Remix lyrics

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Artist(s)Trick Daddy

(Trick Daddy)
We gon let the band deal with this...
You know we had to remix the damn thing right?
For all them bustas...
All them niggas hating on Slip-N-Slide
Sh-sh-shut up
Funk boogie remix
Sh-shut up
Deuce Pop, Ms. Trina, Trick Daddy
Sh-shut up

[Chorus 2x]
Uh - Huh, OK,
What's up?
Shut up!
What's up

(Deuce Poppito)
What's Up? Deuce Pop I'm finna handle shit
I'm finna take Slip-N-Slide to the championship
My nigga Trick got the ball, he the quarterback
Deuce Pop got D like Warren Sapp
2-4-K we was born to mack
All that get money shit i was born for that
Throw up your middle finger if you feeling us
Coming out the cake with a million plus
Playboy that slick talk about to stop
Deuce Pop finna put the South on top
What's up, Uh-Uh, OK, bad hoes u know we don't play
That's how we do sipping on Malibu
Hennessey with the Coconut Yoo-hoo
2-4-K turn out the lights
Spit that fire burn out the mics
Shut up!

[Chorus 4x]
Uh - Huh, OK,
What's up?
Shut up!
(Who's bad?)

Who's Bad?

Bad like this
Aint nann hoe bad as the baddest bitch
Who's bad u know my name
It aint been in the same since I came in the game
I'm off the chain with a figure eight frame
Everything I drop its a hit man
I risk game out to game fame
Rock the mic leaving lipstick stains
The baddest when it come to this bitch game
New coops, dicks shifts switch man
Lemme show u lame hoes how to get change
You needa take grand's, before he get brains
Get ya mind right don't be a lame hoe
Aint shit for free, that's how the game go
Trina on top and I know ya mad
Top notch, off glass
Who's bad?!

[Chorus 4x]

(Trick Daddy)
Yo this T-double-D representing the Southside
Down with Trina Tre+ and the Lost Tribe
? funk keep keeping these beats tight
Niggas gon be like yo shit so tight
A-ight then what happened to the 5 mics
What, Slip-N-Slide niggas aint so tight?
Huh? What u wanna bet ????
Back to it
T - double - D - R
Shut up!
I Don't even see y'all
Now how u gonna dis like this?
Riding ride listening to that bullshit
Yo pappy shoulda taught you better
Then put you up on fake ass niggas
Cross the board gay ass niggas
Who me? I'm a killer,
Ex - con, ex - coke dealer
Flow dealer
Don't see no nigga

Chorus 6x

Who's bad?

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