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Ride On
(Featuring Lil Wayne)
Written by T. Quaites, F. Crumb D. Carter

So u think it ain't right
the way I give mine
and what you describe
well let me tell u like this
when I didn't have nothing
there weren't nobody giving me nothing
so I had to make something happen
the only way i know how
was probably go down
¡®cos everybody was singin' and rappin'
I get my ride on

ride on (ride on) with all of my niggas
so what u hear me say
right one, ¡®cos it's ¡®bout to get bigger
but I still gotto ride on
to get up on top
¡®cos he told me not to leave it a lot
that must keep lights on

I was reading in the paper yesterday
say they cleaning up the streets around my way
to many niggas on the corner
couldn't make no money if u wonna
and not one time riding through everyday
so I'm thinking like
things ¡®bout to get a whole lot better
black 64 with a truck full of chedder
picture my homies all born in the ghetto
with a packet off iceburg sweat
listen to me
when my mama stop working
I can stop this shit
but until that day u gotta deal with this
I told y'all I'm a stay real with this
still make a couple mil with this


(Rap by Lil' Wayne)

On good times this stuff
is often meter
warn your people
Wayne is a walking heater
flames all over
the game s all over
I told y'all niggas
now your reigns all over
listen, don't play with me
that's ¡®cos I strap up quick
but holla tips
and glack clips
and my niggas they don't spray quickly
thats ¡®cos I kiss my ride on
it time to kill niggas ¡®cos the lights on
bandana tied on
plant em over ice
ten I brick the price
it's raw with no slice
I'm duckin' blue and whites
and yellow drive presser
guns off my dresser
set ¡®em on my leather
see I just told ¡®m to ride like that
so I'm a be like that
thats how I get come weaziwee like that
I'm from the streets like that
and on these streets I'm gonna die
the G-code is what we live by
for every buy


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