I Got To Go lyrics

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I Got to Go

ookin down the barrel as she yelling pull over
saying show over baby should of stopped when I told you
I'm like hell no girl please
I aint stoppin yo ass gonna have to shoot me
she cocked the joint so I guess she didn't get my point
we hit a truck in the back
she dropped the gat I pressed the gas and mashed

(chorus x2)

I gots to go cause they tryin to get me
I got the money and the drugs I left the building
so now the fedz and the thugs wanting both endz
and I ain't trying to let them get near me

I got to go cause they tryin to snatch all the goods from my lick and it aint happening like that
see I done stole alot of shit you think I'm giving it back
they sayin give me the loot hold and weres the coke ?sold?

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