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Album(s)Second Coming


1 - Daily, seems like I just can't get ahead
As soon as I get out the bed
There's always something going on
To drive me crazy
I try to keep from going insane
But I can't help but gripe and complain
'Bout what I'm gonna do?
This type of shit be happening daily

I water my grass
Just to take a load off
It's just so much on my mind
There goes my cell phone
It's always ringing
Can't get no time alone
And it's my girlfriend trippin'
I don't know what'cha talking 'bout
You're making me so damn mad
Cause you don't have to raise your voice
And now we're arguing
Why this always happening?
I just been busy
I'm doing new albums
And it gots me working

Repeat 1

I check my mailbox
Sony is late again
Damn and Monday is a holiday
I can't get paid
Look at the TV
We just lost Steve Young for two weeks
And the playoffs started last week
And I put two hundred on with all my homies
My Rover is leaking oil in my driveway
And Big Daddy just cracked my rims
On the Lexus as he drove away
But he got my house key, oh
And I just locked the door
I look to the Lord above
And it's starting to rain
And I swear this shit be happening daily

Repeat 1

Ain't got time for nothing no more
I'm either in the studio or on tour
Everybody getting mad
Cause I don't get back to 'em fast enough
It's crazy my people got enough but I want some more
Cause I still ain't got what I came here for
And still get it is a fact
I know shit gon happen daily

Repeat 1 till end

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