LiteSkinFreckleFace lyrics

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Album(s)Second Coming


(Yeah, this is for my...)
This one right here goes out to my favorite girl
Me? I call her LiteSkinFreckleFace
Yes indeed, love her to death (my my my)
So baby girl, check this out
Tell me if you like it (my my my)

She came from a broken home
(Nothin' really positive)
Back in the day, it was a lot of drama goin' on
(But she'd always find a way to deal with it)
Never knew if she would make it through
Occupation, situation got you crazy boo
But when you had me, you had a soldier too
Don't you worry 'bout a thing cuz I got you

1 - Just wanna take the time to tell you how I feel
Girl, I just wanna thank you for keepin' me real
I really love you mama

2 - I love my LiteSkinFreckleFace
Always spread love all over the place
If I lost my light, you'd show me the way
Just wanna take a minute to say

I love my LiteSkinFreckleFace
Believe me, I've heard everything you say
And I keep you with me baby everyday
So I know we're gonna be okay

I love mama

Fried chicken, rice and red beans
(Damn, I miss Sunday)
All the times I used to dream about havin' thangs
(You always told me to be patient, it'll happen one day)
'Member the rest of your marriage, we used to get in the back (?)
Or when you put me in the Wagon to the laundromat
Way back when I was the little man of the house
You was the woman I was all about
And I...

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

I love mama

Now it's 20 years later and believe me
She's the only girl for me
I'd trick a million dollars just to make you happy
If I had it, listen here
I say a little prayer every night for the Lord to send to me
Somebody just half as good as you
I wanna be blessed like my daddy, I love mom

So many nights, me and moms kickin' conversation
Growin' pains and peer pressure is what I'm facin'
But mom's erasin' the pain with her words, so gentle
With braids and bad friends, got me stuck in the middle
But I wiggle outta bad situations 'cause of you
Drillin' me everyday about the right thing to do
And if I didn't listen, then you know I'd be through
That's why I owe my whole life to you

Repeat 2 to fade

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