One Day (Featuring Layzie Bone) lyrics

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Album(s)Second Coming

One Day (featuring Layzie Bone)
Written by T. Quaites W. Griffin

The Game what you make of
It is what you can take from it
Whatever your hustling is
Get it on my nigger
Even when it's wrong my nigger
You heard

I heard a story
About 23 years old
And I heard it from somebody
That I used to know
Spendin' days lonely
With no place to go
But to the corner
For a little more love
Im talkin' bout a youngster
That didn't understand
All the shit to becoming a man
Just wondered who right
Control his own life
Yes it's true u gotta
Crawl before u walk
but you weren't supposed to crawl again
so u see it ain't right
if I don't get mine

One Day
If I can't get no scril
At home gotta get going
We don't bit no
Gotta stay long
Gotta stay strong
Be my own dough
Bring it back home
Trow my chance away
Cos we all gonna bald one day (2x)

Sittin' with my homies
On a 120street
Drinkin' on 40
When I should have been home
And everybody told me
That the game don't last long
Leave it alone
Before your long gone
But they was talkin' to a youngster
With a plan to role
And a bit before your 20 years old
Guess y'all wonder
At my videos
And remember that I told you so
Ain't gonna tell you shit done came from
Cos I got to live my life 4 me
Even if I didn't do it like u said
I still got paid


(Rap by Lazy Bone)


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