Been A Long Time lyrics

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Album(s)Second Coming

i'm sittin here waitin and wonderin and thinkin about our life
where we gonna end up
so many of them dont understand how this thing goes
you can only take so much
sometimes i'm feeling like I had enough
for all the times I feel like you're ?not up against? me
anything to try and get me to influence my mind
had me fightin too long

such a long time
i thank the lord for making me a soldier
work on the corder every night gotta struggle and fight
i'm on time ??
so if its just the cream that you go for
such a thin line

oh makin me kind of crazy just thinkin about all the shit that
you go through
just trying to be you
listen to me now, so hard these days
to find creative ways
for everybody to move they body
we free to speak but warned to watch what you say
i'm sayin, feel like your not up against me
anything to try to get me influence my mind
it's been such a long time


so many waiting for something to happen its crazy

[chorus to faid]

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