Ms. Parker lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Timbaland & Magoo
Album(s)Welcome To Our World

B-Silk in the house!
Hello who is this
This is Ms. Parker
Hey how are you doing baby
I'm doing fine baby how you feelin
Ohh it's all jam good what the deal
I wanna hear, I wanna hear that new song by the Boo boy
and the cartoon character, you know who I'm talkin about
By the Boo boy, and who
Yeah you know that new joint that's out
Ohh ohh! Magoo and Timbaland!
Yeah whatever you know what I'm talkin about
Ohh OK, well look here check this out
Umm, tonight why don't umm me and you get together
and you can listen to the album at my crib and
do a little somethin somethin somethin some-some somethin
Youknahmean Can you do that Huh
Nah baby I just wanna hear it on the radio right now
Ohh, that's cool, you ain't got ta get smart
I wasn't even tryin to hook up witcha ass no way
I'll get my song on, c'mere Timbaland kick that shit

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