Swank Ride lyrics

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Artist(s)Smash Mouth
Album(s)  -

Well there she is undercover
A wild, wild lover
Take a ride and show her off like a movie star
I got all my boys wit' me, Coolio is lookin' spiffy
And I'm lookin' for a safe spot to park the ride
I slipped the man a twenty, the keys to a Hunsay
Have a backin', 45 eating sure's to the wink
And jumps into the frontseat
Purring like a kitty, she throws her ass in drive
You can hear it comin', a big 8 hummin'
Stereo thumping through American steel
With the "boom-boom-tick", the bass so sick
The line so sick, sittin' on stock wheels
'65 dons-a truck inside, with a hoola-hoop
Shaking by the dashboard - lights
I gonna keep the chrome out of the ride
I gotta keep it clean, I gotta keep it tide (Sounds like Steve to me)

Born in the '60's
When they still took pride
Making sure the need-you was a -
Swank, Swank, Ride

"Hey you gonna slow that car down?!"
To the bounce
I get when I'm waiting at the lights
The cops, the kids, their checkin' out the ride
And I, I like the ??? back, but I'm never rocking nice
But if you wanna drag, I think you better think twice
A natural born killer's still quick and precise
And a little bit of this, could you wonder what I got?
Well it don't stop
I keep a ???, out of sight
Far-out green, and berry-white
'Cause we're on our way up, inspiration calls
The ladies hit it hard with their sexy charms
I hit a ??? as it's goin' off
And I wonder who she likes more -
Me or the car?

(Then Coolio raps a bunch of hard to understand crap)
CHORUS (And the chorus trails off)

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