Off The Corner lyrics

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Album(s)Return Of Dragon

[1] Hello, hello
[2] Yeah
[1] Yo, where you at?
[2] Yo, I'm at the airport
I just got back from Paris
Had this girl dancing for me and shit
[1] Oh, word?
[2] Yeah, where niggas at?
[1] Oh, we all up in the studio
[2] Oh, I'ite
[1] Won't you drop this joint?
[2] Yo, I can't yo
I might not be able to make it there
[1] For real?
[2] Yo, I got a idea
Put the, put the joint up to the phone
And I'm gon', I'm gon' just
I'm just gon' rock to it
Just over the phone
[1] Ayo, yo put that joint on the big speakers
[2] Yo C, get me some water, yo
[1] Turn it up real loud
[2] I'm just gon' rock this joint yo
Go 'head, go 'head
[1] Here it come
[2] Press record

Un, all eyes over here
We about to show you
You know
Ballers down the hill

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ayo, my mental is keep the rock cut, keep the glock up
Keep the rock pucks in the basement with the lock shut
Used to sliding under street lights, puff a peace pipe
Keep the heat tight by my side so I can lead right
All I knew is hit the block and how to crack deals
Make it hot with this rap shit and stack bills
All I'm used to is struggling, juggling, bugging
With thoughts in my head knowing crack kills
Out for papes, gotta let the desert eagle blow
I get cake, this rap shit is legal though
Check the resume, slit that spit that
And put my name in the game, Mr. Book
I'mma shine till a nigga can't shine no more
I'mma smoke so much weed I can't find no more
I'mma keep my chest bluish
Keep hitting 'em hard like Ray Lewis
'Till they can't feel they spine no more

1 - [Sisqo]
Slow it down walk away
And then you swear you heard this shit before
Niggas say they from the ghetto
Legend has that they from Baltimore
Get the niggas off the corners now
And we gon' hold it down
Associated, now we made it
What can stop us now

Ayo, we bash in brains
Then hit a nigga pockets for the last of his change
Then put a slash through his veins
Bullies of the block, we harass in the game
With a sound that so hot it turn gas into flames
Y'all keep jumping around like my rap's entertain
Fuck around, get beat down with some bats and some chains
When ya'll was on them lots, dropping cash on the range
I was tongue kissing blocks, pump and stashing them things
And now my nigga on only half of the chains
See the corner's in the past, but my ass is still deranged
I rumble in your ear like that flash when it rains
When I hits, ya get the picture, knock the glass out the frame
I rap for the name with dope, crack and cocaine
And I'mma drill it in your ear so you can lapse from the pain
And after the fame I'm goin' back to the wane
But for now nigga, feel the wrath from my game

Repeat 1

The whole swell hold it down for my hometown
Show the world how we live, how we feel, we get down
That's my mission, show up in my diction
Rep Baltimore every show 'till there's tension
Ain't the fact that we arrogant, we just go hard
High confidence gotten us feel we should bogard
Take over like Bush did the poll sheets
Alot of rappers falling off cause the flow weak
That's what we here for, to bring competition
Battle anybody, we them four lynchmen
Ayo, I bet we won't lose, what track you wanna use
Let's do it acappella, freestyle for your shoes
Nigga make it hot, don't get it twisted
Dumb gifted, Baltimore once again if you missed it
Can't miss, the butch make it hot, Cooley High
Associates coming and we knocking nigga out

Repeat 1

Infatuated by the clothes
But it's more than that you know
Uh, we got style, baby
Infatuated by the style
No, it ain't no stoppin' now
Now, oh
Oh yeah

Repeat 1
Yeah, yeah

(whisper chorus)

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