Let Me See Your Hands lyrics

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Let Me See Your Hands

Let's go
Shyne, pro, bust pipes get right
Bang, stop, roll head throw the dice
White Air Force Ones, monies in rubber bands
America's number one dope man
Racin through the city with Uncle Paul and Diddy
Hennesey frontin, lookin brock and gritty
Tryin to meet somethin, so I can skeeet somethin
Five with it, slide with it, P hit it, I hit it
What's it all about? Servin yea every day
We roll, send a foe mix those and bulletholes
Livin in vein, ice flowin through my veins
I'm light in the change, 'til they put it in my brain
Bulletproof sedans, rich bitches
throwin me kisses, takin my pictures
License to kill, I ain't with a lot of talkin
Try conversatin from the coffin

[Chorus 4X: Shyne]
All my niggaz wildin, let me see your hands (WHOA-O-OH-OHH)
All my bitches stylin, let me see your hands (WHOA-O-OH-OHH)

Just tossed the bail so now I'm free
Bout to get in the kitchen to cook a key
Who you know that could double up like me?
The hottest nigga up in N-Y-C
I'm that nigga comin through, doin what he does
Rocks in his ears lookin like light bulbs
Desert snubs, pierce your skull
Criminal mindstate, I bring sale weight
I just happen to rhyme great, pipelines and gates
in fifty-nine states, raisin the rates
Got my mind right, like Al Pacino and Nino
I head to Capitol Hill to kidnap Janet Reno
Monster flow, words droppin and shockin
Gun cockin and poppin, somebody call Cochran
Boats of coke at the port
Import, export, have my bitches transport


Get pussy in a bed full of dough, nose full of blow
The feds is in town I gots to get low, uhh
Pants saggin low, get at bitches like yo
Hop in the truck bitch let's go
No time to waste, nine in my waist, ready for war
anytime anyplace, fuck it just another case
One life to live and I'ma live (??)
Gettin mine, bottom line, we'll be cuttin dimes or rhymes
Cold hearts, shootouts and fast cars
'til I'm behind bars or in the graveyard
Blast a foe for capital the master flow
is masterful y'all vaginal
Bling'n hard, bracelets to the necklace
Lookin like effect (?) the flow is infectious
Pocket fills, multi-million dollars deal
Flip more bricks than Tetris, what you feel?





[Chorus] {*fading to end*}

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