I'm Over You lyrics

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Artist(s)Martine Mccutcheon
Album(s)  -

I should've known, I should've thought twice
I should've listened to my own advice
But then there was you
You broke all the rules
But tonight all of my dreams
Sometimes they ain't what you see
Now I know that it's true
I learned it from you

I gave my all
I gave my trust
I gave my heart but it wasn't for love
So listen up before I go
Someday I think you should know

You can fool some of the people some of the time
But you can't fool this heart of mine
And if several is true
I'm over you
You can take all your games and all your lies
But you can't take away my pride
And if several is true
I won't be your fool
I'm over you

Mirror mirror on the wall
Catch me now before I fall
I'm breaking these chains
A heartache and pain
Make a move and break away
The sun is shining on a brand new day
My vision is clear
I've cried my last tear

I say goodbye, I walk away
Don't you know there's a price that you gonna pay
It's over now, and that's a fact
'Cause this time there's no turning back

[Repeat chorus]

I gave my heart, I gave my trust
I gave my arm but it wasn't for love
So hear this now, before I go
It's time I think you should know

[Repeat chorus]

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