Smooth lyrics

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Artist(s)Princess Superstar
Album(s)Intro: Last of the Great 20th Century Composers

You know we were eatin' dinner at the Red Lobster the other night
and as I looked across the table and into your eyes
I thought to myself, damn you're smooth
so fine...

A smooth-assed baby up and asked me for a date
wear a fancy dress and yo don't be late
he said I'll pick you up baby in my black Mercedes
he was so damn fly I knew he pulled all the ladies

It was a classy place yeah it was the Red Lobster
eatin' some shrimp then he told me he's a mobster
took of the pinkie ring and he put it in my hand
sayin' now you are my lady, I'm your man

You were wearin' one of those fine Italian suits
and in your lapel you had a handkerchief
and I noticed that it was embroidered
and I really like that

I was kinda scared but a little excited
pulled out the AK and I wanted to ride it
finished our corn, went out to do a job
this fine smooth man got me working for the mob

We started plannin' a jewelry heist
and I'm thinking to myself that this man is nice
diamonds and fur yeah he's got all the moves
well he may be bad but he sure is smooth!

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