Usted Es Muy Loco lyrics

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Album(s)Saturday People

Usted Es Muy Loco

And Milo began to play

I remember back in school didn't care, was a fool
Fell asleep in every class, waxing cool (sm?+ *$#%s)
7 years pass by in spite of everything we made it
Me and Milo go out cruising after show

I never gave much thought to it
Before this night before this trip
But here I am so hungry and alone
With the most gorgeous bird to nest in Mexico

Esperanza...Usted es muy loco
Simon...That's all she said to me
Esperanza...Usted es muy loco
Simon...What ever could she mean

And then Milo played...

So I fell into retreat
Backed away to my seat
The candle-like a crystal ball
Brought me back to Oxford Hall
With Mrs. Espanosa and her Spanish class on Mondays
And the reason that I took that class at all

You see my father in his wisdom said
By all the ink, by all the lead
When it comes to love there's one thing that I know
There ain't nothing like the stuff in Mexico


And then Milo began to play...
And then Chico played...
And then I began to dream...

Esperanza...Simon baby don't you know
I need you bad
I want you so

Won't you be my superflow
For here and now and tomorrow
I can be your one and only suntan s¨¨norita
If only you could speak the words I know

So if I could go back in time
I'd concentrate I'd stay in line
And in that class I swear I'd get an A
And I'd say I repazar la noche conmigo


And Milo played...


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