Refuge Of Love lyrics

Rating: 3.05
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Artist(s)Point of Grace
Album(s)Point of Grace

Lord, I need for You to know
It's only Your love, I would die for
So please say You'll never go
When you say that You'll stay
Words fall short of sentiment
As tears fall from my eyes
Cause hearts fail on all sides
While mine's safe inside

Your refuge of love
Oh, you're my refuge of love
For so long, I never thought I'd find you
Oh, you're my refuge of love
Love's never been so right
Love's never been so right
'Cause I finally found a haven for my heart
In Your refuge of love

Guess I believed you'd come and go
Like every other love in my life
And, oh, I tried you so
Yet faithfully, your patience won my willingness
And slowly it became clear to me
That you gave you life
So I could spend mine in...

(Repeat Chorus) 3X

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