Loverboy (Remix) lyrics

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Artist(s)Mariah Carey
Album(s)Disc 2

Yeah (Yeah oh)
Mariah and Cameo sitting in a tree

uh-huh, uh-huh baby
uh-huh, uh-huh baby (oh)
uh-huh, uh-huh baby

*[I wanna, I wanna
I wanna, I wanna
I need a, I need a
I need a, I need a
I love a, love a
I love a, love a
A lover, a lover
A lover, a loverboy]

Maybe its the glitter on her breast
Or the gloss on her lips?
Hickeys on the chest
Or the toss of the hips?
I'm lost in the mix
So I floss in the six
Turning out the hits
So I'm exhausted as shit

Now baby it's the mo' paper, dough chaser
Now get it right, would ya heartbreaker?
I keep it tight but I'm no faker
You can laugh now but you'll cry later

I think I like you in ya freak clothes
Freak thongs at my specialized peep shows
And then I'll make ya touch your knees to your elbows
Toes curl from Beat Street to Melrose, the whole world

It's cool
Cause See I like it when we smoked out, choked out
Who's a freak bitch? (No doubt)
You kind of got me like a fiend
When you call out
Now get your boys for my girls
We can roll out
Roll, roll out

I got myself a lover
Who knows what I like
When he invites me over
I come every time
And when my sugar daddy
Takes me for a ride
Whatever way we go
It's delivered on time

(Repeat * in background)
He's all mine
And his loving makes me high
Like a taste of ecstasy
All I need is him to be my loverboy

Come on and love me
Give me more
Touch me and touch me
I enjoy the way you rock me all night long
Come on and take me
Only you know how to make me
Shudder with anticipation
All night long]

I got myself a lover
And he's so sublime
It's quite a bit of heaven
To feel him inside
Cause when my sugar daddy
Takes me for a ride
Whatever way we go
It's delirium time

(Repeat * in background)
I get weak
When he's gettin' extra sweet
When he caressed my whole body
All I need is him to be my loverboy

Repeat **

Come on, yeah, uh
Poor little, kind of innocent
A vision of love
You adore me, even though my image is thug

What I see in you is for my eyes only to see
I bring out the freak in you
Up and down on me
I'm your lovergirl

Me your loverboy
But when we home alone
We become touch toys, making noise
Can't avoid

The way I throw that, cat
Pop back, drop
Stop, watch, Brat-tat
Get ya more rock, harder
All of the things that you wanna do to me
You oughtta
We can get obscene
My parina and your ding-a-ling
Mingle bother me not
When the sensation come out

Well come over, I'll make you scream
Uh huh uh huh baby
Feel me, when I pump, pu-pump lady
Behind me we can be close like family
You're so sweet you taste like all types of candy
From Starburst to jellybeans

Banana split my dairy queen
Butterfinger my tangerines
Chickens only taste my
Loverboy in they dreams
Yeah all my ladies
Let me hear you scream

Hate on me as much as you want to
You can't do what the fuck I do
Bitches be emulating me daily
Hate on me as much as you want to
You can't be who the fuck I be
Bitches be imitating me baby

Repeat **
(fade out)

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