Finally Finding Out lyrics

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Artist(s)Jordan Knight
Album(s)Jordan Knight

Finally finding¡­

I didn't wanna be silent
I had a lot to say
I didn't wanna make moves
Until I paved a way
I'm giving in to something
I never gave before
I'm taking on much less
Because I needed more, oh

1 - I'm learning everyday
I'm goin' all the way
I'm finally finding out
What love is all about
There will be no doubt
I'm finally finding out

And my baby's so good for me
I can see my future in our family
If you believe in something
You gotta hold on tight
You can always feel it better
If you close your eyes

Repeat 1

Our love's what's supposed to be
It takes time
Grows out of trust and honesty
You look for it everywhere
But you won't find it there
Cause where it starts is in the heart
We dreamed that we would never part
We can make it if we try

Repeat 1

What love is about
There will be no doubt
Finally finding out
I'm goin' all the way
I'm finally finding out

There for you baby
Do for you baby
Die for you baby
(Finally finding out)
Whatever you want
Whatever you need

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