Couldn't Stay Away From Your Love lyrics

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Artist(s)Joe Mcintyre
Album(s)Stay the Same

Can you blame me girl?
Gotta take me back!
(Verse) What was I to do
I couldn't get over you
Thought that I could put
Your love on the shelf,
Get on by myself,
How could I be such a fool.

(Bridge) Without your love is like,
The day is night
And I can't figure out
What's wrong or right.
I tried in van,
But I couldn't stand the pain.

(Chorus) I couldn't stay away from your love.
Couldn't stay away from your love.
-Girl you drive me crazy.
Couldn't stay away......
-You know I need you, baby.
Couldn't stay away....
Your love, your love

(Verse) How can I get through to you?
What more do I have to prove?
Cuz girl you got me
Down on my knees.
I'm beggin' you please
For you to take me back.

(Breakdown) Joe: What was I to do?
Background: It was your loving, your loving
Joe: Your love
BG: Baby
Joe: I couldn't get over you
BG: It was your loving (x2)
Joe: It was your loving, baby (x2)

Ad libs: C'mon baby, ya know you drive me crazy, baby
Gotta take me back, woo
It's like the day is night.
Baby, oh oh oh yeah. Baby please (x2)
Can't you find it in your heart
I need it from the very start.

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