She Runs Away lyrics

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Artist(s)Duncan Sheik
Album(s)Duncan Sheik

She Runs Away

You may not see the end of it
But luckily she comes around
It isn't what she talks about
It's just the way she is

(...and she says)
Ooh darlin' don't you know
The darkness comes and the darkness goes
Ooh babe why don't you let it go?
Happiness is never how you think it should be so

I mystified the simple life
I covered up with consciousness
I saw myself and broke it down
'Til nothing more was left
She saw the symptoms right away
And spoke to me in poetry
"Sometimes the more you wonder why
The worse it seems to get"

But she runs away
She runs away...

And then you know comes a time
You need her more than anything
You may believe yours are the wounds
That only she can heal
Then everything will turn around
And she becomes so serious
What she chose to offer you
Was all that you could have

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