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Artist(s)Duncan Sheik
Album(s)Duncan Sheik


Don't get me wrong, I'm feeling O.K.
But when I'm without you, it's just not the same
Don't misunderstand me, I' feeling alright
But when I'm without you the day turns into night...into night
You dream of a future...a possible place
Where we lie together face to face
And I'm looking forward
I will not deny
I dream of a future made for you and I
You and I

...and then I'm with you
No longer alone
when I'm with you
It feels like I'm home
And you are with me
No longer alone
How could it be?
It feels like I'm home
It feels like I'm home

I look through the darkness into the sky
The moon up above me brilliantly shines
I've never been happier watching it glow
I'm here by meself, but I know I'm not alone...I'm not alone
I look through the brightness into the sky
The sun up above me, splitting out fire
Call me a child, call me naive
The world is much brighter
Than it ever used to be


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