Left For Dead On The Road Of Love lyrics

Song Details
Artist(s)Don McLean
Album(s)Winter Wonderland

Well I've been left for dead on the road of love.
I was doin' high speed with a load of love
Forgot the first creed in the code of love.
All's fair in love and war.

Verse 1:
Well I'm an honest man and I try to be true.
I did unto her like I'll do unto you.
Now you prefer to tell me we're through.
I'm bleedin' through my shirt and tie.
I'm bleedin' and I'll tell you why.


Verse 2:
Well now who is the guy and when did he come?
When did he start to go beatin' your drum?
Well he's hittin' on you. I'm feelin' numb
And she don't believe a word I told her.
I'm cryin' on a gravel shoulder.


Watch what you're doin'.
Look where you're goin'.
Give me a signal.
Some way of knowin'.
Well now who's at the wheel in the life that drove by.
I could swear it was her made me shift into high.
She's got those dangerous curves
And they're wrackin' my nerves
She always wiggles and swerves.
She's gonna give her driver everything he deserves.

Verse 3:
Well now who could want this to lie here alone
With a palate of bricks, a pillow of stone.
Well to think that one kiss pulled me out o' my zone
And I wonder what's the change inside her?
This road has got a long divider.

All's fair in love and war.
All's fair in love and war.

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