I Hope That It's You lyrics

Rating: 2.98
Song Details
Artist(s)Donell Jones
Album(s)B-Sides Remixes

1 - Someone who can satisfy
My every little need
I'm hoping it's you
I've been waiting for someone
To come make love to me
I'm hoping it's you

I wonder if you qualify
To give me love and affection
Cause in my mind
Girl I'm hoping that it's you, ooh
Cause things never seem to go my way
I've been hurt so many times before
And I need a little something more
Oh you're that someone

Repeat 1

You got the opportunity
If you wanna be my lady
I want you to know
That people say I'm hard to please
So won't you come and change my world
I can give you anything you need
But I want to know
What can you do for me?
What can you do for me baby?

Won't you let me love you
I don't need some more time
Put your heart into it
And everything will be all right
You gotta promise to me baby
Special woman in my life
Cause it'll feels so good to know
You are all mine
And baby I'm looking for that someone

Repeat 1

Oh baby, girl I'm looking for someone
Ooh, ooh oh baby yeah, whoo!

Repeat 1 till end

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