La La Love You lyrics

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Artist(s)Don McLean
Album(s)The Best Of Don McLean
Starry, Starry Night
Singin' the Blues
Christmas Dreams
Don McLean Christmas

If you wanna make me happy, here is all you gotta do
Take me where you're going and I'll take care of you
'Cause I got this need that's growing to keep you satisfied
And if you keep your green light showing well you can take me for a ride

'Cause I la la la la la la love you,
And I la la la la la la care.
And I really want you with me baby everywhere

Well, I like the way you're moving, and I like a the way you go
I like the way you let your locomotion show
'Cause my drivin' wheel is drivin' and my piston's working good
And if your motor gives you some trouble baby, I'll take a look underneath your hood (yes, I would)


Well, I know you like your transportation with a motor and a rubber wheel,
But when you move you cause a transformation in this lover and the way I feel

So if you want to make me happy here is all you gotta do
Just let me ride your boxcar and I'll hobo with you
'Cause all I got is on my shoulder, I'm walkin' on my trav'lin' shoes
and before I get much older I'm gonna kick these lovesick blues


Yes, I la la la la la la love you,
And I la la la la la la care.
'Cause I.. (repeat and fade out)

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