Tonight The Heartache's On Me lyrics

Rating: 2.68
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Artist(s)Dixie Chicks
Album(s)Wide Open Spaces

You Could've Heard A Pin Drop
When They Walked Through The Door
Had To Turn My Eyes Away
My Heart Fell To The Floor
Someone Whispered, Where's Her Halo?
Cause She Had An Angel's Face
He Stood There Smiling, Holding On
To The One Who Took My Place

Tonight The Heartache's On Me, On Me
Let's Drink A Toast To The Fool Who Couldn't See
Bartender Pour The Wine, 'Cause The Hurtin's All Mine
Tonight The Heartache's On Me

I Wonder If He Told Her
She's The Best He's Ever Known
The Way He Told Me Ev'ry Night
When We Were All Alone
She'll Find Out When The New Wears Off
He'll Find Somebody New
She'll Learn What Heartache's All About
And What I'm Going Through

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Yes Tonight, The Heartache's On Me
Oh Lovers Like You And Me Will Never Say Die

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