Logan To Government Center lyrics

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Artist(s)Brand New
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Consider this a letter that I never sent.
However inconsiderate it seems.
Do you still consider me the boy you laughed with, or that you learned to live without?
I suck. I know I'm late. I know you waited.
You wouldn't get me on the phone.
You couldn't make me not alone.
The phone bills are all stacked up by my bedside, with your picture, looking surprised.
You're what makes New England great.
My island nights are all spent dying.
Wait for summer to become wrought with lips (my wishful thinking).
I never thought this day would end.
I never thought tonight could ever be this close to me...
So let my hands stray past that boundaries of your back... and get you breathing.
And we'll get this started.
You could have made me not alone.

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