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Artist(s)Brand New
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And it comes down to you.
Never and ever.
Wrecked his day with looks and flirts and noontime in your shortest skirts.
Past the point of trying, I'm a dying breed.
Thank her for reminding me of all the things I've done completely wrong.
Stop these looks and letters.
This isn't for the better.
It's for the worse.
You're not my girl.
Stop the circulation to my legs and break my bones.
Dateless and late.
I'm better by myself at home.
What's the point of trying?
I'm dying here.
She laughs at every word I know came out completely wrong.
This is my last semester.
Brothers always come first.
At least until next winter.
But I'm sure that I'll be over this by then.
Better scenes... I wish she'd seen me.
Better off if I just let it be.
Better pretend it don't matter.
I'd be better of if I could have her.
Better days since the day I met her.
I better hope she got my letters.
Better off in two year stretches.

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