Super Electric lyrics

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Artist(s)Bomfunk MC's
Album(s)  -

Chorus: Super electric, super electric sounds
super electric, from the underground
(super electric sounds blasting to your ears)

Verse 1
As we break it down to the nitty griddy groove
The bits and the pieces, the electric boogaloo
Yes we be rockin`- saluting the old skool
It never went away just check out my moves


Verse 2
We grew upon the sounds our ghettoblaster was huge
We bombed the underground all city and the rrroofs
With the baddest mixtapes - you earned the ultimate cool
Bam,, Mantronix, Crash Crew


Verse 3
All those Classic breaks are still used today
Dj spin the wheel - cold rock the partey
Hype it up and Vibe it up, stop, hold it, play
Calling all the boogiefreaks to come right this way


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