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Back Around lyrics

Rating: 4.10
Song Details
Artist(s)Before Dark

Back Around

Yeah,red zone,uh

Now the love is gone and ya..
(We Can Rock dis party till the break of dawn,what)4xs

1st Verse:
I don't even know why you playin' me
Gave you all of me
And sometimes even more
I just want to know why your love ain't real
Boy,you did me wrong
let me show you how it feels

Now the love is gone
and ya left me all alone
you told me that you wouldn't
never lettin' me down
I told you once before
and now I'll tell ya once again
Everything ya do comes Back Around 2xs

2nd Verse:
Now the thrill is gone
don't want you back no more
So why you callin' me?
My heart is out-of-reach
Now,I'm movin' on
My pain ain't last for long
All you put me through
Will come back to you


I'ma come to ya town and throw up a party
and have everybody sayin' ooh-la-de-da-de
I just can't stop and I just can't quit
I'ma bring these girls cuz you know they the mix
I got my truck and I got my box
and I got my fly system with ya know them bumps
I like them honeys with the fly skin tone
and when ya know its on
then its on in the red zone

It round)

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